Carl Thornton

Founder and Director

A formidable force within anti-poaching circles with the use of his K9s, Carl’s love affair with the bush started at a very young age, where he found himself occupied with protecting the wildlife on their family farm in Vaalwater. With his passion for Africa and K9s, it only made sense to combine the two together and what has come of that, is a team of highly dedicated individuals who share in his passion for the protection of all species.

With Carl’s expertise, experience, and several years in the field of working K9s and anti-poaching, he has been called upon by various Government authorities for assistance in human scent tracking and intelligence where strong working relationships have been formed with SAPS, Nature Conservation, Green Scorpions and National Intelligence. Carl’s belief in finding solutions to problems and ‘out-the-box’ thinking, he constantly applies action towards his work which provides successful outcomes.

Carl has a natural ability for public speaking and it has seen him portraying the conservation message on a global scale, with invitations to speak at a variety of events in Australia, USA, and the UK. With a love for children, many of these engagements take place at schools where an interactive presentation is given. Back home, Carl has been called upon by various media and news platforms for comment and statement on a variety of the conservation challenges we are faced with.

Drew Abrahamson


Warren Katz


Warren Davis


Jean-Marie Du Plessis

Personal Assistant

Miranda Paech

Australian Ambassador

Miranda lives in Regional Victoria in Australia and has been the Australian Ambassador for Pit-Track K9 Conservation and Anti-Poaching Unit and Captured in Africa Foundation since June 2018.

‘I became aware of Drew Abrahamson and her work after reading “My Lions Heart – A Life for the Lions of Africa”, by renowned Conservationist and Author Gareth Patterson. Something just clicked.

Since childhood, growing up in the Australian bushlands, I had always hoped to find a way to assist in the work being done to preserve the endangered animals I love so much across the world. This was the right path to follow. My introduction to Drew, Captured in Africa Foundation, and subsequently to Carl and Pit-Track has given me the opportunity to support, assist, promote and educate about the work of these incredible organizations in their fight for animals on a driven and dedicated daily basis.

My passion for animals and my dedication to Pit-Track and Captured in Africa Foundation is a lifelong commitment. It is such an honor to be part of the Team.’

Jane Alexander

Blog Content Writer

Jane lives in South Australia and has come on board with the organisation as our Australian-based Content Writer. Jane is passionate about Pit-Track’s work and the fight to save the iconic species that the Pit-Track Teams fight to save on a daily basis. We are most grateful to Jane for her hard work. Although Jane’s full-time career is demanding, she gives very generously of her time and talents and is a great support to the Group.

Suzette Rautenbach

Head of Membership Programs

Suzette lives in KwaZulu-Natal, SA and has come on board with the organisation to assist in dealing one on one with our amazing corporate and individual members as well as our Fund A K9 initiative. Suzette has been avidly following Pit-Track since 2017 and joined the team in July 2020. With Suzette, conservation and education is vital with her personal goal to spread awareness of the plight of wildlife and the poaching crisis.