Corporate Sponsor Benefits

Our sponsors enjoy a wide variety of benefits for their generosity. We believe in a process that is mutually beneficial and are able to provide your company with the following marketing as well as corporate benefits:
  • Market the use of the vehicle as well as display logo across both organisations social media platforms and websites
  • We are often portrayed in international and local news channels, print and online news due to the in-field work – Listed are a few of the news agencies that have covered our work – BBC Live, News 24, ENCA, EWN, IOL, Times Live, MSN, Reuters, People Magazine, Woman & Home, SA People, SA Breaking News, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, SABC, Discover South Africa, Earth Touch News, Africa Geographic, Fox News, Discoveries Animal Planet, The Dodo and others
  • We are involved with community upliftment, skills development programs and have special focus on the education of our children, often visiting local as well as international schools. The vehicle and logo will be included in all our relevant programs which will be branded accordingly
  • A day experience at the Care For Wild rhino orphanage for yourself, management and marketing team
  • A visit to our K9 base in the APNR to meet the team and K9s and view relevant demonstrations
  • We will give you content to any footage we take of the vehicle in operations for your company to use

Our Sponsors and Affiliates