For Earth Day on 5 May 2023, Carl was interviewed by Mia Slabbert on GROOTplaas, about protecting the environment.  GROOTplaas focuses on keeping listeners informed about the latest agricultural news, talking to experts and role players about important issues regarding the agricultural sector.

Grootplaas Interview  ©  GrootPlaas YouTube

In the interview, Carl discusses the issues facing Africa’s wildlife, the work of Pit-Track, his inspirations and motivations, and what people can do to help, even from afar.  Here are some extracts from the interview:

We’re sitting with 14,000 rhinos in South Africa.  That means that 96% of the planet’s rhinos are in South Africa.  People look at poaching now and they see that the annual statistics have been dropping.  The reason the annual statistics have been dropping in poaching numbers is because the populations have dropped so much.  The problem is dire.  The situation needs immediate intervention if we’re going to have rhinos for our future.

I think the awareness isn’t what it needs to be.  There’s a lot going on.  A lot of it is politically driven, corruption driven.  There’s no media representing what the actual problems are.  You speak to people in South Africa about rhinos and they look at you like they’re shocked.  We’re South Africans, we should know what’s going on.  It’s our national heritage.  Kruger National Park should be in every South African’s heart, and to know what’s going on there inside the park.

There’s a place for every South African to get involved.  Become a member, support the guys on the ground, provide IT support, provide vehicles, sponsor food and supplies for the guys.  We’re looking at the most dangerous job in the world.  We’re looking at 1,300 rangers murdered protecting animals in the last decade.

We need to come together as South Africans and we need to fight for our national heritage, and we need to save these creations of God and make a substantial difference.  We have the most diverse, most beautiful country in the whole world.  We have the most beautiful wildlife, and we need to protect it.

Thank you to Mia and the team at GROOTplaas for giving us the opportunity to spread the word and help educate people about the plight of our national heritage.