On the weekend of 2 and 3 March 2024, we held our first “Paws for Pit-Track – Walking for Wildlife” event.  This was a virtual fundraiser to celebrate World Wildlife Day and raise funds for our unit.  Our handlers, members and supporters were encouraged to take their dogs for a walk in their local area and make a donation to help keep our paws and boots on the ground.

Walking for Wildlife  ©  Marion Nicholls

Our Founder and Director Carl and his best friend and K9 teammate Balloo, along with handler Brandon, took some of our members and their dogs on a hike during our Saturday morning K9 training class at our base camp as part of the event.

Hiking for Wildlife  ©  Clayton Hayward

Hiking for Wildlife  ©  Marion Nicholls

The hike was over 8km through a hilly area, including a visit to the natural spring dam and cave.  The group was able to pause along the way to take in the stunning views of the area we are blessed to work in.  Carl said, “it’s been an absolutely beautiful morning”, and explained that our members were “enjoying being out and about with their dogs.  It can’t all be about sit and stay”.

Base Camp Views  ©  Marion Nicholls

One of our member’s dogs decided to take advantage of the dam for a cool down and break, enjoying a short swim.  Our team, members and K9s all did an incredible job.

At our other deployments, our K9s Koa, Yanka and Willis also went walking with their handlers across the weekend.  Our K9s and handlers have such tight bonds and it’s always a pleasure enjoying walks and play time together.

Yanka and her Handler  ©  Pit-Track

Willis   ©  Pit-Track

We enjoyed seeing our members and supporters around the world out walking with their dogs and we thank them for sharing their experiences with us.

We also say a big thank you to everyone who went Walking for Wildlife and made a donation to our unit!  We look forward to an even bigger event next year.  One Team, One Dream.

Hiking for Wildlife  ©  Gert De Bruyn