Earlier this year, we welcomed five new puppies to our Anti-Poaching Unit.  They have kept us very busy, and are so growing quickly.  They are now well into their training program, and are developing their own individual personalities.  Four of them are siblings – three males and a female – which gives them a close bond.

Our puppies were named by some of our amazing supporters, who provided generous donations along with their choice of name. We say a massive thank you to them.  We are so grateful for their contributions and for playing an active role in the upbringing of our puppies!

So let’s meet them.  Electra is our female Dutch Shepherd, who was named by her breeder.  She is certainly keeping us on our toes, developing a love of our uniforms and anything she can find to play with and chew.  She has been watching and learning from her K9 teammates, and has her sights set on becoming Carl’s number one girl, acting as understudy to Balloo.

Electra watching and learning from teammate Torro  ©  Pit-Track

Ajani is one of our three male Dutch Shepherd/Rottweilers.  He was named by our Blog Content Writer Jane from Australia.  His name is of African origin and means “he who wins the struggle”.  He is nicknamed “Shadow” because he loves to follow his handlers around.  Carl comments that “he is a serious puppy with incredible potential, powerful, protective, confident, and excellent toy and drive in general”.

Ajani  ©  Keegan Nicol

His brothers are look-alikes Garan and Willis, who were named through a fundraiser by our amazing sponsor Nikki Carvey of Roadogs Rescue, who met our puppies when she visited soon after their arrival.  They are both fast learners, with Garan showing great potential with “bite work” and Willis showing his potential for apprehension work.  They both love their lessons and revel in playtime.  Carl comments that “Garan loves challenging his brothers” and loves water, explaining that “when we took them to the rock pools by our K9 Base Camp and Training Facility, he was first in and happy to swim around on his own”.

Garan  ©  Keegan Nicol

Willis  ©  Keegan Nicol

Their sister is our female Dutch Shepherd/Rottweiler Isha, who was also named through the Roadogs Rescue fundraiser by an extremely generous sponsor, for which we are very grateful.  Isha shows no fear, has no trouble keeping up with her brothers, and is keen and quick to learn.  With different colouring to our other puppies, she is our golden girl.

Isha  ©  Keegan Nicol

All five puppies have such bright futures in the protection of our wildlife and will form a vital part of our K9 unit upon completion of their training.  Carl comments that he “couldn’t ask for more out of a dog.  I’m really enjoying this cross, stable with excellent vigor from both breeds.  These are going to be serious anti-poaching dogs”.  They are going to be a force to be reckoned with; handlers’ best friend and poachers’ worst enemy.