What’s the best way to start your day as an anti-poaching ranger?  By putting on a pair of Magnum Classic Boots.  We spend most of our time out in the field on our feet, in all weather conditions, so it’s important for our K9 handlers and rangers to be comfortable, especially on long and tough deployments.  Thanks to the amazing team at Magnum Boots Africa, who recently supplied us with new Classic Boots, we are!

Pit-Track ranger putting on a new pair of Magnum Boots  ©  Keegan Nicol

Pit-Track Director Carl Thornton states that the gear we receive from Magnum is battle tested by our team under the toughest conditions on the planet.  He enthuses, “we thank Magnum Boots Africa for helping our team to carry the load in the war against extinction.  Magnum Boots are by far the best anti-poaching boots in Africa.  Their tactical products are essential equipment for our team on the frontline and we are so grateful for their support of our important work.”

Carl in his new Magnum Boots  ©  Keegan Nicol

Magnum Boots were first made in USA in 1982 after a demand by the FBI for lightweight, athletic and comfortable tactical boots.  The collection went global in 1990, and since then, new ranges have regularly been introduced, and Magnum Boots has received numerous awards.  Nowadays, their boots are sold in over 100 countries.  Innovation and development continue, with the goal of delivering the best fit for purpose footwear.  Their range also includes clothing, socks, holsters, backpacks, gloves and tactical vests.

Magnum Boots – the best anti-poaching boots in Africa  ©  Keegan Nicol


Magnum Boots is dedicated to wildlife conservation and anti-poaching initiatives in South Africa.  They state that “we have a responsibility to preserve this wildlife for our future generations, and we take it very seriously!  Our brand supports conservation efforts across the continent and we stand together in this journey”.

Carl & rangers receiving new Magnum Boots ©  Keegan Nicol


Thank you, Magnum!  Forever in your favour.  One Team, One Dream.