Our K9s are an integral part of our team, our best friends and companions, outranking all other operators.  They need to perform at the highest level, and to do this, they need exceptional food and nutrition.  One of our biggest sponsors, South African pet food company Nutribyte, has this covered by supplying us with their outstanding food.  Their food is undisputedly the best K9 nutrition on the planet, as certified by our K9 team!

Odin & Willis eating their Nutribyte  ©  Keegan Nicol

Pit-Track Director Carl Thornton explains that “Nutribyte has been behind operations since the beginning of our deployments.  Never in 24 years have I come across another premium dog food that offers everything we need in a working standard”.  He states that, “our dogs love this food, polish their bowls, then shine in the sun full of life and energy.  They search so well because they eat so well!”.

Nutribyte’s food is manufactured in consultation with experts and is the ultimate in balanced working dog nutrition.  Their goal is “to supply the best formulated diets, based on science, a wealth of experience and what is best for all pets, no matter the age, breed or environment”.  It is made with the best sustainable ingredients, concentrating on the five main components of pet nutrition.  These are high quality fibre, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils.

With over 30 K9s to feed, we go through a lot of Nutribyte!

Bags and Bags of Nutribyte  ©  Pit-Track

The team at Nutribyte are massive supporters of the protection and preservation of South Africa’s endangered wildlife, and for this, we say a massive thank you!  We are so honoured to have such an amazing group of people on this journey with us. Forever in your favour.  One Team, One Dream.

View our shout out video to Nutribyte below, featuring some of our K9s showing their love of Nutribyte.  Be sure to watch out for a surprise at the end!