One of our major sponsors, Hi-Tec South Africa, has recently provided us with their Altitude boots for our K9 handlers and rangers. With our team spending most of their time out in the field on their feet, in all weather conditions, it’s important for them to be comfortable, especially on long and tough deployments, and thanks to these boots, they are.

Pit-Track team with their new Hi-Tec gear  ©  Keegan Nicol

Hi-Tec was founded in 1974, beginning with an innovative, lightweight and comfortable squash shoe, followed by the world’s first lightweight hiking boot in 1978. Since then, Hi-Tec’s products, which include jackets, fleeces, shirts, pants, socks, bags and hats, have won various awards, and today they are a global brand distributing to over 85 countries around the world, including South Africa.

Their Altitude boots have been battle tested by our team under tough conditions. The result? Comfortable, light on your feet boots, well suited for tracking and bite work with amazing grip on any terrain. They are perfect for detection work due to their softness and are great to be able to run through hard terrain in.


Hi-Tec Boots  ©  Keegan Nicol

Captain Carl Thornton gives a “massive shout out to Hi-Tec for all the support you have given us over all the years. It’s really been such an honour to have you on board with us and for providing the guys with consistent footwear, high-end boots, keeping our boots on the ground, and giving us what we need to get the job done”. He further explains that “it’s so important that the world comes together in order to sustain a future with us and wildlife, and Hi-Tec, you’ve been a massive part of that”.


Hi-Tec handover  ©  Keegan Nicol

On their sponsorship, Hi-Tec states that “committed to conservation and research, education and outreach, Pit-Track NPC aligns with Hi-Tec’s vision of safeguarding endangered wildlife and preserving of all water, flora and fauna and teaching others how to care and protect our natural environment. Hi-Tec are very proud to be partners with Pit-Track and is proud to support the Pit-Track NPC with gear for several of their researchers and trackers, as well as for their outreach projects.”


Rex, Achilles & Torro with their handlers  ©  Keegan Nicol

We can’t thank Jaco and the team at Hi-Tec enough.  We are forever in your favour and so humbled by your support of our unit and wildlife conservation generally.  One Team, One Dream.

View our shout out video to Hi-Tec below, featuring some of our K9s and their handlers battle testing these fantastic boots.  Be sure to watch out for a special cameo by Balloo!