We are excited to welcome new sponsor Action Bulletproof.  Sir Jochen and his team have united with us in the war against poaching by providing us with their exceptional bulletproof plate carriers to keep our team safe and protected in the field.

Action Bulletproof manufacture high quality bulletproof vests in their South African factory.  They are the best in South Africa, having undergone extensive testing by being repeatedly fired at by assault rifles.

These vests have been provided to our Quick Reaction Force Team, which deploys on specialised operations, combat, and transnational organised crime syndicates.  Our work is extremely dangerous, with the potential of being fired at by high calibre rifles.  These plate carriers are especially designed to give protection against these high calibre weapons.

Our Team Members with their new vests  ©  Pit-Track

“We are absolutely blessed to have Jochen and Action Bulletproof on board with us”, explains Carl.  “The quality of these plate carriers is absolutely exceptional.  To see the smiles on our guys’ faces when we gave them the gear was to die for.  I really appreciate all of Jochen’s assistance.  It’s just the beginning of the gratitude that I can offer.  Thank you for making your difference to make our difference.”

To see a video of our team members with their vests, click here.