Thank You to Hi-Tec for Keeping our Boots on the Ground


  One of our major sponsors, Hi-Tec South Africa, has recently provided us with their Altitude boots for our K9 handlers and rangers. With our team spending most of their time out in the field on their feet, in all weather conditions, it’s important for them to be comfortable, especially on long and tough [...]

Thank You to Hi-Tec for Keeping our Boots on the Ground2023-08-06T11:54:33+01:00

2022 Year in Review


This year has been quite a year! We’ve had endings and farewells, new beginnings and welcomes, challenges and exciting new opportunities, all culminating in a year that we have come out of stronger and more determined than ever to provide a future for our wildlife. Our first Pangolin Research Team  ©  Pit-Track [...]

2022 Year in Review2023-07-17T08:11:49+01:00

Project Ranger and the Importance of Wildlife Rangers


One of Pit-Track’s major supporters, Great Plains Conservation’s Project Ranger initiative, has released a short documentary about the importance of wildlife rangers and their work in the field. ©  Project Ranger Pit-Track Director Carl Thornton is one of the rangers featured in the video.  He warns that “if [...]

Project Ranger and the Importance of Wildlife Rangers2023-07-10T12:41:14+01:00

Carl Interviewed by GROOTplaas


For Earth Day on 5 May 2023, Carl was interviewed by Mia Slabbert on GROOTplaas, about protecting the environment.  GROOTplaas focuses on keeping listeners informed about the latest agricultural news, talking to experts and role players about important issues regarding the agricultural sector. Grootplaas Interview  ©  GrootPlaas YouTube [...]

Carl Interviewed by GROOTplaas2023-06-28T12:20:19+01:00

Welcome New Sponsor Action Bulletproof


We are excited to welcome new sponsor Action Bulletproof.  Sir Jochen and his team have united with us in the war against poaching by providing us with their exceptional bulletproof plate carriers to keep our team safe and protected in the field. Action Bulletproof manufacture high quality bulletproof vests in their South African factory.  [...]

Welcome New Sponsor Action Bulletproof2023-06-28T12:11:16+01:00

Endangered Species Day 2023 – Spotlight on Four of Africa’s Most Endangered Animals


To mark this year’s Endangered Species Day on 19 May 2023, we celebrate and pay tribute to four of Africa’s most endangered animals: the rhino, pangolin, cheetah and painted dog.  These are such interesting and special animals, with their own unique traits and characteristics, each of them playing an important part in nature. [...]

Endangered Species Day 2023 – Spotlight on Four of Africa’s Most Endangered Animals2023-06-25T10:45:25+01:00

Pit Track Features in Project Ranger Showcase


Pit-Track is proud to be featured in the new Project Ranger Showcase, a one-and-a-half hour production, also featuring Dereck and Beverly Joubert, together with other conservation panellists.  The showcase includes information about poaching and wildlife issues in Africa and the Project Ranger program, interviews with rangers in Zambia, Botswana, Kenya, and Uganda, as well [...]

Pit Track Features in Project Ranger Showcase2023-06-23T11:51:31+01:00

Rhinos Murdered for the Equivalent of a Manicure


A man wakes up in the morning, ready for a day’s work.  He dons his camo gear, bullet-proof vest, army-style boots, and tactical gear.  He grabs his gun and ammunition.  He braces himself, knowing that, as with every day at work, he could be involved in a shootout.  The threat to his life is [...]

Rhinos Murdered for the Equivalent of a Manicure2023-06-24T09:04:59+01:00

2020 Year in Review


To say that 2020 has been a tumultuous year would be an understatement. As the year began, no-one knew what was about to happen or how much the world would change in such a short time. But we have made it to the end of the year; a year that will be remembered for [...]

2020 Year in Review2023-06-23T12:08:38+01:00


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